SIZE RANGES - What sizes does Working Style make?

Working Style makes tailormade suits, jackets, trousers, waistcoats, overcoats and shirts in nearly any size for your individual measurements.

Garment Alterations & Tailoring
Ready-to-wear garments can be tailored by our in store experts. We can slim or shorten sections of your garment that are too full or long. Garments can also be lengthened or widened where items are short or tight due to extra fabric inlays hidden inside the seams.

Working Style employees are experts in the art of defining the most flattering fit on a range of body types. Our team has expertise on the adjustment possibilities of our own garments and are armed with an eye for contemporary fashion. We're able to advise on all aspects of your outfit and manage any alterations ourselves with our inhouse tailors. Common alterations include invisible sleeve or trouser lengthening/shortening, waist/seat trouser adjustments, jacket/shirt waist adjustments, sleeve/leg adjustments and many many more.

Alterations are additional to the price of the garment.

Ready-to-wear Collection Sizing

Suit Size Range
In our ready to wear collections, suit jackets come with trouser waists 12cm smaller than the jacket chest size. Suit jackets range between 84N-124N the trousers range from 72cm-112cm waists. Casualwear typically ranges from 92N-116N jackets and 76-108cm waist trousers.

Suit lengths increase incrementally with each increase in chest size therefore most people fit a normal/regular (N) length as height and chest circumference are correlated. Suits also come in Short (S) and Tall (T) lengths to match to people of varying frame sizes. This is not a reflection of whether you are tall, short or normal height against the population average, it is the specific length of jacket required for your individual torso relative to your unique chest size. Short and Tall lengths are made in limited quantities on selected jacket sizes. Short fittings are available on 96-108 size suit jackets. Tall fittings are available on 100-116 suit jackets

Tall and Short jackets are 3cm longer and 3cm shorter than the Normal fitting. This difference is spread across the entire pattern of the jacket which changes where the jacket buttons up and how it rests on your torso.

Shirt Size Range
Our shirts range from a Super Slim extra small (XS) 37cm neck up to a XXXL Classic Fit 48cm neck shirt. We also tailor make shirts to nearly any size. Lengthening or shortening sleeves or tailoring the waist in or out can dramatically improve the fit on you but a comfortable fit through the neck chest and shoulders is key. Across our three fits, we are confident at least one of these will be the right shirt for you.

Super Slim Fit - XS/37 to XL/44
Slim Fit- S/38 - XXL/46
Classic Fit- S/38 - XXXL/48

Trouser Size Range
Typically between 76cm-108cm waist trousers. Casual trousers come with an adjustable 84cm inside leg and dress trousers come with an unhemmed 89cm inside leg.

Footwear Size Range
Shoes range from 39-46 EU. Special orders may be available in some circumstances, talk to our team in store.

Additional Information
All lines are made in small quantities to ensure your individuality, sometimes as few as 10 items exist for the entire line in the world and often just one of certain sizes are made. As a general rule, smaller and larger sizes within our size range are always made in lower quantities than sizes near the middle of this size range. This is also the case for Short and Tall length suits. For this reason it is advisable to secure your size in whatever you've fallen in love with as soon as you're able to place a deposit on it or risk missing out.

We do not make any childrenswear.

TAILORMADE PRICE - How Much is a Tailormade, Made-to-Measure, Custom or Bespoke Suit or Shirt?

The starting price is $1790 for a 2 piece made-to-measure suit and from $399 for a shirt. Additional trousers or waistcoats are from $499, made-to-measure jackets are from $1290.
Working Style operates a hand tailored tailormade/made-to-measure/custom made suiting and shirting program.

Garments typically take 4-6 weeks to make, prices change mainly based off the type of fabric selected for the garment. Garments are made with globally sourced components so it is advisable to visit early rather than closer to your deadline or important event in order to minimise any unforseen delays. We recommend at least 8 weeks notice before a wedding.

You must be in store for at least two fittings and to select your fabric. Once we have perfected your fit, we can retain these measurements and you can miss the initial fitting entirely on future made-to-measure garments.

SUIT HIRE PRICES & HIREAGE LENGTH - How much is a suit hire and how long can I have possession of it for?

Suit Hire is an entirely separate range from our ready-to-wear collection.

Suit Hire is $279 for a two-piece suit. As separates they are $199 for a Jacket, $80 for a pair of trousers and $49 for a waistcoat/vest. Hireage of Ties or Bow Ties is $20. We do not hire shirts but have shirts priced from $149ea or purchase 5 Essential range shirts for $500.

Return your garments as soon as possible to give us as much time to delicately clean and press the garments for the next usage, a typical hireage period is 3 days. You can discuss with our suit loan manager or any Working Style team memberany additional time needed.

RETURNS & EXCHANGES- What is Working Style's Return & Exchange policy?

Our full Return & Exchange policy can be found here