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Working Style has been an integral part of New Zealand’s fashion landscape since the heady days of 1987. Like all brands, we’ve built up a colourful history, one that would ideally be told over a few beers for the full effect but here’s the short version since we only have a page.

Chasing his fortune in the 80’s boom, business graduate Chris Dobbs found himself jobless in Auckland after discovering finance wasn’t his natural habitat. Embracing the confidence of the era, he linked together his seamstress mum with his own knack for sales and began selling shirts door to door. Soon he had a fledgling business on his hands and Working Style was born.

His brother Tim stepped in on the design side in 1992, bringing a passion for classic rock and roll and iconic vintage. They took a lease on their first retail store on Parnell Road in Auckland, putting down roots which still stand today.

Over the next thirty years Working Style became a key driver in dressing and defining that most unique of species, the modern Kiwi male. The Working Style aesthetic is rooted in classic tailoring, filtering European style through a proudly New Zealand point of view. Working Style customers range across all professions and walks of life, from CEO’s to sportsmen to creative types. Their common characteristics are a strong sense of self, a well-lived life and a desire to look good without taking yourself too seriously.

The Working Style range has grown to span the full wardrobe of the modern male. From iconic shirting and tailored suiting to classically constructed casual basics.

The customer experience is hugely important in Working Style stores. Respect is key and enduring relationships are formed. This attention to detail is part of our enduring success in the age of big box clothing retail. We are firm believers in the experience and romance of men’s fashion rather than just providing another place to buy clothes.

A fresh-faced Tim Dobbs in one of our most memorable campaigns in the early 90s.
523 Parnell Road.
The Dobbs brothers.
Chris Dobbs and Tania Neville beside our first Working Style delivery cars.

Working Style has woven itself into the fabric of Kiwi males through trust and enduring commitment to quality. The future of our brand will draw on this proud heritage while always looking towards the next frontier for men’s fashion. As always, the focus is on sourcing and curating the finest garments from the great suppliers of the world and of course having a great time in the process.