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Neapolitan Shoulders

Looks / Style Advice May 26 2017

It's the combination of the client's individual tastes, personality, taste, body shape and colouration combined with the tailor’s artisanal techniques that create a one of a kind garment and contribute to the soul of a suit.

The small, nuanced differences between how a certain suit sits, how a seam comes together or how a buttonhole sets a suit apart all come from the background from the tailors training and then influenced by the heritage and tradition. Tailors in the hot central Italian coastal city of Naples have a shoulder construction that is most unique to the region - the Neapolitan Shoulder. We all know Italians love to speak with their hands. The softness of the Neapolitan shoulder allows for this and the light construction allows for wear in the winter or heat of summer. The design reflects the culture.

The Neapolitan jacket sleeve is larger than the sleeve head opening. This results in folds in the top of the sleeve near the shoulder called Shirring. This can result in a version like pictured with the appearance of highly roped shoulders or an even softer shoulder line more akin to that on a shirt. Being so light through the chest and partly lined with soft flexible sleeves and an overall nonchalant imperfect appearance, we can make you a garment that drips sprezzatura rather than thick British-style rigidity.

Our current emphasis is on soft lightweight tailoring that is as comfortable to wear in the office as it is at the head of the wedding aisle or the race track and this light Italian-style construction allows for this. Our tailors in Naples can put a Neapolitan-style Shoulder on your suit. In a world of cookie-cutter copy + paste perfect machine made products, this is one of the easily-identifiable hallmarks of a handmade suit. It should appeal to anyone that understands how just the right amount of hand finished imperfection can be a good thing and anyone with a confident yet relaxed approach to style.

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