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Into The Fold

Looks / Style Advice March 28 2019

A small fold of fabric can make all the difference and, as they so often say, the devil is in the pleatail. Pleats have adorned men's trousers since day one and have one main functional benefit that's hard to beat: simultaneously fitting your butt, waist and thighs.

For most of us our waist is smaller than our hips and both waist and hips are larger than our thighs but when you find a trouser that fits your waist but not anywhere else perfectly, you need to change sizes and make alterations from another sized trouser. If you're still able to pull off skinny jeans, hit the squat rack often or hit the pantry often, chances are you no longer consider it very likely to find trousers to fit everywhere perfectly.

Pleats are designed to fit your waist whilst the extra width of fabric rests relatively flatly then gives ease across your seat and thighs during the times when a flat front trouser can feel most restrictive: when you need to move a lot or when you sit down.

There are a variety of trouser front styles available in store and each of our thousands of cloths will produce a slightly different effect. We can assist in making the right decision. For your next Made-to-Measure, consider comfort.