This season we drew inspiration from the arts of the past, uniting them with the direction of the present.

Multiple exposures have existing since film was first invented, this entirely in-camera technique, reinterpreted her in a modern form. Layers of an inner self interact with fabrications and light to reflect a softer, gentler trajectory.

Visually unexpected with striking silhouettes and intricate lines, but in a way that makes you yearn to discover more.

There is always more than meets the eye.

The new collection centres around effortless comfort and style, embodied by softer lines tailored with a lighter mood in mind.

Light tones of textured greys and uplifting blue checks breathe summer in to your suiting wardrobe. Natural unstructured shoulder and new wide lapel proportions epitomise a modern masculine silhouette influenced strongly by southern Italian tailoring techniques.

Laid-back blazers of cotton, jersey knits, silk and linen are half-lined, aiding airflow when you need it most and displaying the intricately finished internal details. Highlights of stretch cotton chinos and pastel shirts epitomise summer. And, once all layers are in place, you'll achieve exactly the right amount of exposure.