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New Ariston Cloth Books

Looks / Blog March 26 2019

There's no mistaking Ariston Fabrics. Every 6 months, new bold cloth book designs refresh our shelves and the previous season's cloths are retired, never to be seen again. When you select an Ariston fabric, you're getting access to a finite length of fabric.

The latest arrivals are here for you to browse in stores, new cloths range from summer-weight suiting to expressive jacketing and eveningwear. Now is the ideal time to prepare for next summer's upcoming weddings, just make sure you get in before your favourite cloth is gone.

About Ariston:
The Neopolitan company created cloths steeped in heritage but with updated identities that are modernised with contemporary colours and new interpretations for present day life. Their limited supply does not suggest a lack of longevity. It's quite the opposite really. They're fresh twists on the Tried and True with a continental flavour.