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Made to Measure

They say that once you've worn a Made to Measure suit or shirt, there's no going back. You like who you see in the mirror - a man of manners, taste and distinction; a man who likes his martini shaken, not stirred.

So what is it about Made to Measure that completes a man so thoroughly?

To quote Mark Twain: "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society". Looking at your measurements, our master tailors can ascertain immediately how to make you look every inch a winner. Tall men won't have any problems with short sleeves or sock-revealing pants. Big guys can have a cut that instantly eliminates kilos.

The cloth you select from our range comes from the finest fabric mills, where only the best natural fibres are allowed in the door. More than any other factor, cloth choice defines the cost of your investment. But we also urge you to consider how often you'll wear the garment. Regular wear will require a fabric with gumption and staying power; occasional wear could tempt you into a luxury fabric, such as silk or mohair.

In defining the particulars - lining, buttons, button holes, stitching, lapels and cuffs - you create the DNA for your tailor made suit or shirt. It's a process that's just as engaging as choosing a new car, boat or girlfriend. Many details are hand sewn, such as the neckline, armholes and feature stitching.