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suit loan:

The Working Style suit loan range has been carefully designed for every possible formal occasion. Weddings, awards nights, graduations, balls, world cup finals - all the usual excuses are perfectly accommodated by our suit loan team.

Our expert fitters make sure your hire suit looks like you own it, so that everyone will be impressed with the cut of your jib. Arriving at your event in boxy, delaminating polyester nasty isn't going to paint the picture you deserve. Our suit loan range is made with the very finest pure wool cloth from Europe and manufactured in New Zealand.

We have substantial suit loan stock levels in every possible size but we recommend getting your wedding suit loan booking confirmed as early as possible so you can secure your favourite style for the big day. This way, your groomsmen can look their very best for you and you can get on to more important decisions like wedding cake sampling.

The Damage:

Each suit that you loan is $279 and an additional $50 per waistcoat. Payment can be made in instalments before collection. You have the garments for up to 4 days before they need to be returned, unless otherwise specified at the time of booking.

Weddings & groomsmen:

We’re wedding suit specialists so we have the know-how and the expertise to take the stress away entirely. Rallying your groomsmen together may feel like herding cats, but we’ve done it thousands of times before and we make wedding suit rental for your groomsmen incredibly easy for you. By having us manage the whole suit hire process, you’re not sweating the small stuff.

Even if you have groomsmen in all four corners of the globe, our team in store can use measurements to get their ideal hire suit sizes organised early. Click the Suit Yourself button below...

Suit yourself

suit loan is only available in-store at the following working style locations:

(Capsule Range only)
8 Woodward Street,

Tel: +64 4 472 2914

Wooster - Blue Suit$279.00
Wooster - Black Suit$279.00
Wooster - Charcoal Suit$279.00
Tails Suit$279.00
Cornwallis Suit$279.00
Lexington Suit$279.00

6 steps to suit loan:

1/ Book an Appointment:

Call our stores to arrange a time or make an appointment online with one of our in-store experts.

Book appointment

2/ Consultation:

On arrival, you'll get a drink in hand and we'll talk you through the various suit options available and work with you to find the ideal suit loan solution for your wedding or event.

3/ Measure and Fit:

We can conduct fittings in to the best suit loan styles and can exchange contact details for your absent groomsmen. We will contact them to arrange an appointment for them or to get their measurements if they are unable to visit a store until just before the wedding or event.

4/ Confirmation and payment:

We'll process a 50% deposit and confirm the booking details then start to arrange your suit hire garments.

5/ Suit loan collection:

By this point, we’ve already arranged everything like elves in the night. Your suits will be ready for collection prior to your departure to your wedding or event. The correctly-sized hire suits will be clean, lint-free, pressed and hanging on sturdy hangers inside protective travel bags with the wearer’s name on it so there is no confusion.

6/ Suit loan return:

Garments are checked off in-store at warp speed. They need not be returned all at once, if you’ve already left on your honeymoon, the groomsmen are welcome to return their hire suits one by one.

We will always work around your needs, let us know if you have any special requests and we will accommodate them.