American Psycho

American Psycho

15 Years ago this month, American Psycho was released on film starring Christian Bale as protagonist, and secret serial killer, Patrick Bateman.
Written by Bret Easton Ellis, the story was published in 1991 and is infamous for mixing comedy along with being a pychological thriller.

The story is a brilliant snapshot in to the 1980's "yuppie" culture within wealthy young Manhattan investment bankers. Highlighting the materialism, vanity and narcissim of the period. We bet you haven't heard the word yuppie in a while.

One of the best 'suit' movies ever made, American Psycho has some killer costumes throughout and is one to watch for old times sake. 

Here is an iconic scene, one of our favourites.

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Auckland Employment Opportunity

Auckland Employment Opportunity

Working Style specialise in men's fashion that stands apart from the rest. Our men's clothes are known for superb fabric, cut and construction quality.

Being a Sales Person at Working Style is an immensely challenging and rewarding journey. The energy, enthusiasm and expertise of our team drive our brand forward, in a fast-paced and professional environment.

We are looking for an experienced retailer for our Shortland Street store, who can provide an unrivalled retail experience and build longstanding and quality customer relationships through a high level of customer service. You will demonstrate attention to detail and have a real passion for the industry. The success of our brand is in our staff, so our expectations are high.

The key skills required for this role include:

· High level of customer service experience in a similar environment

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills

· Good organisational and time management skills

· A strong sense of personal style and an interest in clothing

· Self motivated and able to work under pressure

To apply contact

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The Perfect Drive

The Perfect Drive

Today marks the start of the New Zealand Final of the biggest amateur golf tournament in the world, The 2015 Mercedes Trophy.
The tournament will take place at New Zealand's premier golf course, Millbrook Resort just outside of Queenstown. 

The top 24 qualifying golfers from qualifiying regional golf tournaments over the past months around New Zealand have reached this stage and have been flown to Queenstown and put up in luxury accommodation before hitting the greens to duke it out across two competitive rounds this weekend. Competitors have a chance at representing the country in the international final and opportunities to win a VIP trip to St Andrews for the 2015 Open Championship as well as a chance to win an all-new Mercedes Benz C-Class who gets a hole in one on a designated par 3 hole. Perhaps even a few Working Style vouchers might be given away...

Good news for the supportive +1's,  partner events are included involving gala dinners, exclusive luncheon and spa programs.

Each year, more than 65,000 participants from over 60 countries tee off at the Mercedes Trophy in local, regional and national events, competing to qualify for the Mercedes Trophy World Final at the birthplace of the automobile, Stuttgart, Germany.

Best of luck for the weekend ahead, it sounds like a brilliant event.

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Sportswear & Tailoring

Sportswear & Tailoring

A significant trend in the luxury industry right now is that consumers are spending up big time on luxury experiences, not just luxury goods – so brands have to understand that their customers are travelling to new places, seeking new experiences and need clothing that is up to the task and relevant.

Across the fashion capitals, in the beautifully lit windows of the boutiques on the most exclusive shopping streets there is a new movement. Modern tailoring is being merchandised with sportswear items such as sneakers and technical knitwear to help redefine it as an appropriate choice to wear for experiences that occur outside of corporate work or classic ceremonial wear.

Suits, jackets, trousers and shirts designed with enhanced movement through clever fabrications and body conscious silhouettes are incredible to try on — you feel active and sporty — conscious that this sportiness requires dedication in the gym but it also say’s something about an attitude to get out there and enjoy new experiences.

New experiences enjoyed whilst wearing active, sports inspired suiting doesn’t make sense when worn with a pair of leather soled tasseled loafers. This has lead to the inevitable; the global trend for brands to create a luxe sneaker range has finally hit the suiting market. Every brand worth their salt now offer’s a sneaker (a concept that is already a couple of seasons old) but now it is considered entirely plausible to pair a sneaker with tailored garments and not look like a University lecturer.

Not only does this trend encourage activeness and embrace experience, it also makes sense when doing business in a modern city increasingly dominated by short commutes and time pressure.

Our Creative Director, Eddie von Dadelszen, saw the light a few months ago. Product Design Director, Tim Dobbs, and Eddie were preparing for a days business during a snowstorm that was the worst the city had seen in twenty-eight years – Eddie was wearing a tailored flannel blazer, cashmere knitwear and trouser combo and some iconic Zabriskie boots from YSL – it was a particularly strong look for a hotel lobby. However, their meeting was two kilometres away, no taxi’s were on the road and there was a serious blizzard outside. Eddie only had the cuban boots with him so he had no choice but to wear them.

This first instance of sport shoes being relevant as a modern tailoring solution hit Eddie hard as he took a solid tumble on black ice. Tim who was wearing appropriately sporty, stylish, rugged, rubber soled boots got through completely unscathed and looked back to see Eddie buried in the snowdrift on the sidewalk. A not so stylish moment, or so comfortable as Eddie sat through the day’s meetings with soaking trousers.

We will definitely not be encouraging men to wear sneakers in the boardroom with their classic suiting as we love formal footwear and tradition too much for that. What we will be encouraging though is the addition of an excellent pair of sports inspired shoes for those times when it is entirely appropriate and makes total sense to wear them — and yes that can be with the right kind of jacketing or suiting.

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Congratulations to our friend Al Brown on winning Metro Magazine's restaurant of the year for Depot - despite having to close temporarily due to fire damage.

Go and have dinner there if you haven't already. Try the hapuku sliders - brilliant.

Follow them on facebook or visit the website for updates on reopening.

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Look Book AW15

Look Book AW15

View our look book online. Shot at the St James theatre in Auckland during its renovation, we caught a unique phase in the building's history.

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Parnell Parking

Parnell Parking

Fear not, our Parnell parking area is having a much needed nip/tuck. Work will be completed in the very near future. 

We are open as per usual so if there aren't any cones blocking your way, come see us as per usual and park delicately on the shingle. 

If you need to make a quick pick-up, call the store in advance on 09 302 0532 and pull in to the dry cleaners next door on the corner of Domain Drive and Parnell Road. We will have your goods ready and waiting for you.

Or let us know and we will deliver to you. 

If the parking is blocked off, good news - the best bet on a guaranteed park is only a minute's walk away on Titoki street, parallel to Parnell Rd near the Parnell Tennis club. 

See you soon

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Dior and I

Dior and I

The film, Dior and I, is brilliant.  Take the significant other to the cinema for significant brownie points.

The recently released film offers a privileged behind the scenes look at the process behind Raf Simons’ very first haute couture collection show as he takes over the creative director role at French fashion house, Christian Dior. A brand steeped in heritage, Simons takes the reigns and steers it in a new direction whilst remaining faithful to the design elements put in place by Christian Dior himself in 1946. The film details the esteemed menswear designer as he directs a team of associates and ateliers to meet his vision with a deadline of just 8 weeks to show. A huge undertaking with a steep learning curve and such high stakes means there is immense pressure put on everyone involved behind the scenes. 

Dior and I is also an homage to the colourful tailors and seamstresses who spend their days tirelessly crafting and re-crafting garments until they are the perfect. The thousands of man hours that go in to the design process for the garments is astounding. It is certainly one to watch if you're interested in fashion or design.

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Perth Visit

Perth Visit

Working Style's Creative Director, Eddie von Dadelszen is crossing the Tasman, and then some, this April.

Eddie will be showcasing Working Style's Autumn collection and stunning tailor-made range.

By appointment only
8th-10th April
The Terrace Hotel. 237 St George Street, Perth.
Contact for enquiries or to book an appointment.

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Cracking the Dress Code

Cracking the Dress Code

Black Tie Optional? Have you ever recieved an invitation and been perplexed by the dress code? It is simpler than you think, keep this page as a reference point because here are a few solutions to some winter dress code conundrums. Better yet, visit us in store and we will work through the details with you in person.

White tie & Morning Attire:The ‘penguin suit’ is usually reserved for only the most formal evening occasions such as visiting royalty or diplomatic events and commonwealth state dinners. The daywear equivalent is 'Morning attire' typically for formal day weddings or at Royal Ascot. Chances are you'll never need to own either White Tie or Morning suits so you'll usually hire one of these, alternatively you can have one tailor made. White Tie involves a black tailcoat jacket, full white waistcoat, wing-tipped collared dress shirt, self-tied white bow tie and patent leather ceremonials. Pictured below is our Morning Suit,the more frequently worn choice and involves a similar black coat, mismatching grey tone waistcoat, striped trousers, black tie or bow tie and black leather toe-caps.


·The classic tailcoat has notched lapels and six buttons and is trimmed in finest satin.

·Trousers should be made from the same fabric as the tailcoat for White tie and striped fabric for morning attire. They should be cut with a high waistline, to allow for the high rise of the tailcoat.

·The White Tie bow tie should be made from the same fabric as the waistcoat.

Black tie: Still the standard for formal wear, the mainstay for awards ceremonies, ballrooms and formal evening parties. Typically the most formal attire you'll ever need to have in your wardrobe. Black tie requires a dinner suit, potentially with an evening waistcoat, a dinner shirt, bow tie and plain-toe black patent shoes, also known as ‘ceremonial’ shoes.


·Consider a velvet dinner jacket with silk lapel and black trousers. It’s smoking jacket cool.

·Select a peak or shawl lapel, but never a notch lapel. Choose the peak if you want to look more athletic – it accentuates the shoulders.

·A midnight blue jacket is a way to twist the tuxedo rules for extra cut-through.

·Your dinner shirt should always have a turn-down collar, never a wing collar.

·Tying a bow tie is no more difficult than tying your shoelaces. We’ll show you how.

Cocktail: Born in the Gatsby days, cocktail dressing means tailoring, but never a tuxedo. It involves a sleek suit (but not a business pinstripe) or cocktail jacket/pants combo, a solid colour shirt (although low-level patterns are acceptable), a creative tie, pocket square (optional) and a nice belt. Finish the look with oxfords or loafers. It is an outfit to have fun in while you tell crap jokes to your friends and colleagues.


- A velvet jacket (without silk lapels) comes in to its element in a cocktail environment.

· Coloured or patterned socks are an opportunity for self-expression.

· Unless you're wearing a white shirt, pocket squares shouldn’t match your shirt or tie exactly. That’s altogether too twee.

· Go for high shine on the shoes. Double the usual spit and polish.

· If your shirt is simple, choose a bolder tie in a complementary colour. Bow ties are a no in this instance, unless you’re an architect. They can do what they want.

· A black shirt with no tie can be a striking look.

· Suits are dark, but don’t have to be black or plain. Consider a small dot and/or a flattering shade of blue.

Business Formal/Business Casual: You know the first one well. A plain or patterend suit, simple shirt and tie with black or dark brown leather lace up shoes. Business casual can be interpreted as a suit or structured blazer trouser combination (of the tidiest kind) without the tie. Easy as that. 
-Be over-dressed rather than under-dressed if you're unsure of a Business dress code. You can always whip your tie off

Garden Attire: Not for planting your parsnips. This sometimes turns up on outdoor parties and weddings. Opt for lighter natural colours over dark black tones and don't wear a suit, your armor is a wool or cotton jacket with complementary trousers. Pair with a single cuff  patterned shirt with brown brogues or monk strap shoes. A pocket square without the tie works just fine.

-A knitted tie is an ideal accessory to dress the wedding attire. It formalises the look just enough.

Black Tie Optional: Sometimes you'll get an invitation with 'Black tie optional' on it. This means your hosts will be wearing Black Tie but don't expect all of their guests  to go to the same effort. In this case try for a dinner suit but if you're short of time, substitute a plain black suit, dinner shirt, bow tie and pocket square. 

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