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2016 NZ Weddings Magazine Show

A taste of the first four looks from our show in the New Zealand Wedding Magazine Show at NZ Fashion Week 2016.

Dom Wears our Azure Blue Suit (Arriving September)

Andrey wears our Double Breasted Linen Blazer, Rust Chinos, Brown Knitted Tie and Orange Floral Pocket Square.

Michael wears our Pale Blue Stretch Cotton JacketChinos and pocket square. Shirt arriving September.

Ben wears our Double Breasted Velvet Dinner Jacket, dinner shirt and grosgrain bow tie.

Pics by Norrie Montgomery

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How to be the best child on Father's Day

Father's Day is about saying thanks to Fathers in your family for being a great Dad. It's also about making sure you give the best gift out of all your brothers or sisters.

Due to an adolescence of being spoiled rotten, your parents may have the lowest gift expectations from the youngest child in your family. He or She will probably need reminding that Father's Day is the 4th of September also. If this isn't you, use this to your advantage over any underlings in your family. If this is you, we just reminded you that Father's Day is the 4th of September.

Predictably, the golden child eldest will probably already have a gifting plan in place. They're leaders from the first time Mum and Dad realised they had a free baby sitter. But, their method of sticking to the same safe tried and true Father's Day gifting tactics means you know what the benchmark is and you know what to beat.

Be the best this 4th of September and say thanks to Dad by getting him something special from our Gift Guide.

Oh we forgot about the middle children once again. Everyone likes an underdog victory, surprise your siblings and come out on top this Father's Day with our Gift Guide.

Leather Man bag - $490

The laid back yet sleek alternative to a briefcase. This supple leather satchel is an ideal gift for anyone who likes simple sophisticated style.

Acca Kappa Fragrances & Skincare Range

Treat someone to the easy never-fail gift of grooming products. Acca Kappa is an Italian brand with an emphasis on authentic ingredients inspired by the plants in Italian gardens. Stocked exclusively in NZ by Working Style

Attaché case - $790

A soft nappa leather bag with the perfect balance between style, size and functionality. Our attaché case carries all your daily essentials and stands upright on its own so it's perfect for moving and working between planes, trains and automobiles

Accessories hand crafted in Italy and delivered here for the sole purpose adding your personal style to any outfit.

East Imperial Mixers

To match his Rogue Society Gin

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Aarti & George's Wedding

We love Aarti and George's wedding, it's a great example of matching the formality of the venue to your Wedding suit.
Certain outdoor locations often work best with tidy but relaxed looks. Fully neck-tied and accessorised formal wedding suits or black tie attire can look out of place plonked on the sand in the daytime. Of course the reverse can apply for more formal settings like some chapels, ballrooms, hotels or evening ceremonies.   

George opted for a sophisticated blue Working Style suit, open neck white shirt and chocolate leather shoes and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Photography - Nisha Ravji Photography
Venue -The Beach House - Opito Bay
Design/Planning - Sarah Jayne Kavali
Florals - Naomi Saffer - Leaf and Honey
Aarti's Dress - Shyamal and Bhumika
George's Suit - Working Style

See us in store for a personal consultation for your upcoming wedding this summer

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Perfectly Groomed for NZFW 2016

We're pleased to announce we'll be showing our Grooms Collection for the upcoming wedding season as part of the NZ Weddings Magazine Shows at NZ Fashion week on Wednesday the 24th and Sunday the 28th of August.

Sign up to our database to be in to win tickets over the next week or secure them now on iTicket before you miss out.

Free tickets available in our Ponsonby, Parnell and Shortland St stores for Working Style customers only. Limit 2 per person and no holds allowed.

Here's a small taste of last year's show 

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Rock Chocolate this Spring

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Cloth by Ermenegildo Zegna

We're excited to announce a new cloth supplier to our already extensive range of luxury fabrics.

The 106 year old Piedmontese house of Ermenegildo Zegna is one of the biggest and finest cloth mills in the world and is now stocked in Working Style stores for made-to-measure suits, jackets and trousers.

For a touch of subtle Italian flare, book an appointment below.

And, in case you were curious, Patrick Stewart explains below

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Initial Here, Here and Here

Details set you apart from the flock. Selecting the perfect cloth, buttons, collar & cuff on your made-to-measure shirt is a large stride in the right direction towards establishing your own personalised style. Now you can take one step further.

We're pleased to offer an exclusive personalised embroidery service on our tailor made shirts. Add just a little bit extra detail with your initials to set your wardrobe apart.

Visit our stores and choose from our extensive range of custom shirt fabrics, style it just how you like and after 4-6 weeks of careful craftmanship by our Italian shirtmakers your new shirts will arrive.

Your custom designed made to measure shirt starts at $450, to book an in store appointment click below.

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Great to see Amber, one of Working Style's staff alumni, get on the cover of the latest NZ Weddings magazine.

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Whisky in Wellington for the Welsh

To celebrate the upcoming NZ vs Wales rugby match in Wellington, last night we played host at our Wellington store for a mixture of our customers as well as those of Mercedes-Benz Wellington for an evening of whisky and yarns from the great man, Christian Cullen.

Guests were treated to a range of Scotch whiskies as well as a sneaky Rogue Society Gin with East Imperial's Burma tonic to match.

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Caring For Your Suit

Your Working Style suit has been made for you by highly skilled and somewhat obsessive tailors. The cloth you selected was woven at one of Europe's finest fabric mills from the best natural fibres available. The pattern of your suit was adjusted to your body shape by the master tailor, placed on the fabric and to ensure it drapes correctly, and that any stripes and checks match. Essential elements to the overall fit and line of the suit, such as the neckline and armholes, were sewn by hand. After the final hand detailing, your suit was expertly hand pressed on both the inside and outside to set its shape permanently. The master tailor made his final fastidious checks and your suit was left to settle for a short time to allow its natural fibres to assume the proper shape. Others might say our quality standards are unnecessarily high. But they don't look as sharp as you in your new suit.

tip 1 - give respect, get faithful service

This garment has been well made from the best materials with utmost pride. Treat your suit with respect and it will repay you with years of dutiful service. Your suit will not respond well to being worn each day. If you want to wear a suit every day and stay sharp, invest in at least three good suits and employ a reconditioning and rotation policy. By resting each of your suits for at least 24 hours between wearing, you will extend the life of them all. Resting allows the creases to drop out and the fabric to recover. If your suit needs freshening after being in a smoky environment, hang outside in a shaded area. The flow of fresh air will naturally remove all traces of unpleasant

tip 2 - moderation in all things - especially dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a necessary evil for any well-made garment. Dry cleaning chemicals are harsh on natural fibres and make them brittle, making overly dry-cleaned garments shiny and lifeless, just like cheap whisky did to your uncle's nose. Only dry clean your suit when it is soiled and try to keep it under two or three times a year. If your suit becomes hopelessly wrinkled but it isn't soiled, take it to the dry cleaner and ask for a press only. Always use the very best dry cleaner you can find. To find the best on your patch, ask your Working Style tailor or another top-end clothing retailer. A bad dry-cleaner will ruin your clothes. Bad dry cleaners use excessive heat, poor quality chemicals and excess moisture. One hour and one day cleaning services have a particularly bad reputation for butchering beautiful clothing.

tip 3 - brushing up

Dust can act as an abrasive and may accelerate the deterioration of the fabric. We suggest that you use a good natural bristle clothes brush to remove any dust: a stiff brush for worsted or fine suit fabrics, a softer one for woollens and more delicate fabrics. Use long sweeping movements or short flicks, always in the same direction. Never use a circular or scrubbing motion.

tip 4 - don't touch your stains

If you stain your suit, resist the temptation to clean it yourself - in most cases you'll simply spread the stain and entrench it in the fabric. Stained garments should be taken to your dry cleaner as soon as possible with emergency haste. Give your cleaner as much information as you can about the stain: the more the cleaner knows about the stain, the swifter and more efficient the removal. Be warned - some stains which appear invisible (such as white wine) may become more obvious after cleaning.

tip 5 - beating wrinkles

When your suit becomes wrinkled, and it inevitably will, resist the hot iron. Ironing is not good for tailored clothing. Frequent ironing will make a suit look shiny, lifeless and worn out – just like the poor sap wearing it. If the iron is too hot the fabric will be weakened and the shape of the garment irreparably altered. If you decide to iron your garment at home, use a damp cloth between the iron and the garment, as a gentle steam press is far better than a hot iron. Your first attempt to beat wrinkles should always be to hang your suit or a few hours in a steamy bathroom and let the heat, gentle moistness and gravity encourage the fabric to restore its natural crispness. If your wrinkles are beyond all forms of home help, take a "press only" trip to the dry cleaners. To avoid wrinkles for as long as possible steer clear of corporate life, self-employment, marriage and fatherhood.

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