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Life Well Travelled

For those of us who spend plenty of time in airports and aeroplanes commuting for work, visiting friends or family and anticipating the awaiting adventures travelling in style is one thing but keeping comfortably stylish is another. 
Any seasoned travelling professional will tell you airport lounges are some of the best places to make connections or even learn a sneaky tip from the competition. Face to face interaction will always be important in life and in business. People make the flights to shake hands with businesspeople on the other side of the world for one reason - trust. Finer details can always be worked out over skype and logistics over email but to seal the deal, your appearance still matters. All the more reason to make the best impression possible during a chance encounter.

Spring/Summer 2016 has landed and includes soft stretch cotton shirts jackets and chinos. The stretch cotton allows freedom of movement to keep you comfortable in the taxi, the airport lounge and as you're speeding through the atmosphere. Any air travel look would be incomplete without our oh-so-perfect polarised aviator sunglasses. Buttery soft Italian sneakers have an air of smart sportive comfort and our scratch resistant Saffiano Leather travel bags keep your precious items protected. 

Make the most of our new season arrivals and shop now for the long weekend ahead.

French Blue City Chinos - $299 // Saffiano Leather Wash Bag - $299 // Navy Polkadot Shirt  -$249 // Spitfire Sunglasses - $299 // Beige Stretch Cotton Jacket - $690 // Passport Wallet - Preorder Now Saffiano Leather Overnight Bag - $890 // Grey Leather Sneaker - $299

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Cheers To That

We've just released a pair of gifts that is perfect for the single malt maestro you know - Double Old Fashioned Whisky Glasses.

Apart from the name, there's nothing old fashioned about the styling of these vessels. The grassblade finish on the glass is not created using pressing techniques, but are actually hand cut, further increasing the both the quality and brilliance of the glassware.

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Semi-Formal Wedding Attire

It doesn't matter whether you are groom or guest, September is the ideal time to start planning your attire for the upcoming wedding season. 
Make sure you visit a Working Style store to view the full range of made-to-measure options and the ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2017 collection.


Champagne Lanson
Working Style Black Contemporary Toe Wedding Shoes - $399
Working Style White Self Oval Wedding Shirt  -$249
Working Style Silver Ceremonial Basket Weave Silk Wedding Tie - $129
Partridge Jewellers His & Hers Rings from The Engagement Room
Working Style French Blue Wedding Suit -$1390
Working Style Black Saffiano Leather Belt - $199

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Velvet Revolution

Dropping a knee is the easy part. It's important to select the right attire while considering time of day and style of your wedding. A velvet dinner jacket is the obvious way to go during an evening formal occasion so we've gathered a small pile of information on this king of cloths.

Velvet is a luxurious fabric that lends itself to be worn at night time because of the natural lustre it has. It is the perfect wedding or black tie attire as a contemporary, soft alternative to a wool dinner suit. The general consensus is that Velvet originated somewhere in the far east. Was carried along the silk road by Arab traders to Europe. Velvet reached Italy and made fortunes for Lucca and Florence after dominating world production from the 12th to the 18th centuries by supplying the rest of Europe where it was used as a luxurious covering for royalty and the rich on everything from furniture to walls and clothing.

Typically made from cotton or silk, the two-for-one process of creating a velvet cloth involves creating two interconnected cloth layers and slicing the connecting threads down the middle. This leaves a pile of outward pointing, relatively loose fibres and the back side flat to create the familiar plush looking cloth we know today.

A confident man who appreciates the nature of the cloth and its lovely pile can wear velvet with ease. While traditionally worn in darker colours, more ornate and elaborate velvets such as those available in our new range of Ariston cloths, enable the groom to express considerable personality.

When accessorising it is important to remember that the jacket is the hero piece of your outfit, keep accessories understated. Pair the velvet with a crisp white shirt and a silk grosgrain bowtie. While a dark woollen trouser is the sleeker route to take, a pronounced check trouser can be a more directional alternative. Keep your footwear simple, avoid broguing and go for a sleek, elegant Black Lace Up or loafer.

It’s all in the details. Seen here with a simple black silk bow tie, offset the plush velvet with silk grosgrain peak lapels or keep it classic with a shawl collar.

An understated white cotton pocket square ($29) and Pleat Front Dinner Shirt ($249)

To select from our range of velvets, see us in store for an introduction to the cloth collection.

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Ariston Fabrics

We're pleased to announce the arrival of Ariston Fabrics at Working Style.  The Neapolitan family company is one of the most progressive cloth merchants in the world of tailoring.  Their emphasis on innovation, limited production run and use of technology and techniques gives Ariston one of the world's most covetable cloth collections.

Their range is extensive but extremely limited. Ariston's fabrics consist of the finest merino, mohair, cashmere, silk, linen or cotton and are milled in Italy with a focus on contemporary weaves, colours and patterns. Over 500 cloths enter their collection every 6 months and all are sold out and replaced by a dynamic new range within the 6 months that follow.

Whether you're a newbie or have experienced Ariston cloths before, we'd like to show you the complete new Ariston collection in store.

Available on all full and half canvassed made-to-measure suits. Visit one of our stores or book an appointment for a personal introduction to the range.

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Trish Peng Bridal High Tea

Thank you to everyone who attended the Trish Peng Bridal High Tea at the Sofitel. It was a pleasure to be involved and meet you all. We hope to have inspired you with some of our wares from our Groom collection. Here's a selection of our favourite pictures from Levien & Lens Photography

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The Secrets to going Sockless

Going boating? Got beautiful ankles? Temperature rising? Peacocking at Pitti Uomo? Whatever your reason to shake off the socks, make sure you know the 3 key things to do.

Choose the right setting.

This is a look for warm sunny weather, not for days of gloom and gusts.  Few things make your choice of attire look more ill-considered and out of place than the weather making a seasonal U-turn & that goes for any outfit, any time of the year. Going sockless is not really suitable for the office but it works perfectly for the weekend, the beach or on holiday. 

Wear the right things.

Most styles of shoes are fine to wear without socks with the exception of boots and high tops. Slip on loafers are the most sensible choice because they are softly constructed and low cut plus they're just a little bit smart so work with relaxed tailoring perfectly. Beware of the new shoe and the all-day sockless walkathon, your socks protect your soft feet from your shoes so if you haven't got perfectly worn-in shoes, wear socks for the day.  Keep this look for more pliable footwear and your well-worn favourites.

Dress it down rather than up. Denim and cotton trousers are the most appropriate trousers to consider, informally styled wool makes for a valid pant choice also. Up top, opt for textured soft shirting, polo or a tee underneath a bomber jacket or soft-shouldered light casual jacket and you can't go wrong.

Wear these socks.

This sort of goes against the concept of being sockless but your feet and your shoes will thank you for it. Socks protect the leather from sweat and odor, if you go sockless your shoes' lifespans will decrease significantly. The leather patina may change (for the worse) and the shoe will warp with the increase in moisture and improper storage. That's why we've started stocking these handy footlets. 

These footlets wont end up half way down your feet, they'll stay discretely low. 

Footlet Features:

  • Quality Egyptian Cotton
  • Breathable top
  • Non-slip heel grip
  • Antibacterial finish
  • Cut to sit 'invisibly' below the shoe-line

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Serious Business

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Jess & Rob's Wedding

Fantastic images from Jess & Robbie's wedding. Congratulations to you both and well done on the amazing ceremony.


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The Pants are On Us

*Purchase any Working Style Made-to-Measure suit before the 17th of October and you will receive a complimentary second trouser of the same value as the first pair.

With Made-to-Measure suits starting from $1790, this offer is an affordable way to double its lifespan or add variety to your trouser collection.

Try a Jacket-Trouser combination with a different extra trouser option for added variety or double the life of a suit by getting two pairs of trousers.

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