Bluff Bivalves and the Bledisloe

Bluff Bivalves and the Bledisloe

You wouldn't bellieve how difficult it is to get 1200 Bluff oysters now that the season has finished. Chances are, you probably had the last available until next season.

With our partners, Mercedes Benz New Zealand, Mercedes Benz Coutts Newmarket, Mercedes Benz North Shore and Partridge Jewellers, we played host to over 350 guests throughout the afternoon in our Shortland Street branch. Pre-bledislow banter, thanks to All Black Aaron Cruden, Grant Nisbett and Australian rugby great, Nick Farr-Jones.

Thank you to everyone who attended and thanks to Treasury Wine Estates for the cold Peroni beer, the rich South Australian Penfolds Bin 8 and crisp Marlborough Matua sauvignon blanc.

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6 tips on what to look for when buying a suit

6 tips on what to look for when buying a suit

As part of celebrating the new season release of US legal drama Suits on Lightbox, Viva interviewed Working Style Creative Director, Eddie von Dadelszen, on his top tips for what to look for when buying a new suit.


1. Fabric fitness
Fabric quality can make or break a suit, so it’s important that you’re buying a quality fabric that can last several seasons. A wool suit comes in different levels of textile quality and different mills produce myriad results. The wool is often referred to by its super quality — Super 100s through to Super 150s and beyond.

As you might imagine, the higher the Super number the finer the wool and the tighter the weave, making the cloth softer and more luxurious. Whilst higher quality means a higher price, the investment made will pay off over the years. The most desirable fabrics for the corporate environment include woollen suits and if you want to splash out then cashmere/high twist wool blends are quite extraordinary to wear.

2. The perfect jacket
Fit from the shoulder first, look for a neat waist and a slim sleeve. These are three key characteristics you need to know when buying a suit and dealing with a suit tailor. As long as you have these three things in mind when choosing a suit, your jacket should fit accurately and look modern.

3. It’s all about the legs
Trousers should always fall gracefully against the shoe. The most desirable look is to have a soft break at the front of the trouser and not at the back, meaning the front crease should break a few inches up the calf. Shorter trousers with no break and a cuff are also popular but think twice about wearing this style if you have anything but slim legs.

4. Waistband 101
There should always be a little bit of room with a waistband and trousers should fit snugly across the hips. A tight waistband will not only be uncomfortable but will pull at your skin enlarging your waist, which is never a good look, of course.

5. Single breasted vs double breasted
Single-breasted suits can be worn for most occasions whether for work or a party. A peaked lapel is more dramatic than a notch, but a notch is more versatile. Personally, I like the sophisticated aesthetic of a wide notched lapel. It looks rich and bold, but not overly extravagant as a peak lapel sometimes does.

Although a double-breasted suit can look extraordinary, they are rarely selected as a first, second or even a third suit; my preference for double breasted is that it is made to measure and styled with the intention of utmost formality and is rendered in a cloth of great structure — because it looks best buttoned up.

6. Colour
Finally, the colour of a suit is also very important. Rich, patterned grey and bright, plain navy suits are popular colours that are trending this coming season and for next winter too. Grey and navy are also more interesting than black and look good against most complexions.

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Bagel Master

Bagel Master

This happy young man paid us a visit last week. Arms full of Best Ugly Bagels for delicious staff lunches too.

Al Brown is right in to personalising his wardrobe and we've added a number of his embellishments to his attire for judging Master Chef New Zealand on TV3.

Nice to see someone add their own personal twist to their look.

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Christchurch Pre-Match Function

Christchurch Pre-Match Function

To celebrate the start of the Rugby Championship and the arrival of the Argentinians in Christchurch, on Friday we held a pre-match function with Armstrong Mercedes-Benz and Partridge Jewellers at our Merivale store. We hope you enjoyed the Bluff oysters. Always a much-anticipated treat. Justin Marshall and Scotty Stevenson provided excellent banter and thanks to all the guests and everyone who made the event happen.

Thanks to Treasury Wine Estates for the cold Peroni beer, the rich South Australian Penfolds Bin 2 and crisp Marlborough Matua sauvignon blanc. 

Note the beautiful Partridge jewellery on display and as modelled by our three female team members.

We had fun, lets do it again some time.

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Remedy for Winter

Remedy for Winter

On Thursday, our team in Wellington held a fantastic whisky tasting and mixer.

Whisky is the grandest of cures to the winter cold so thank you to everyone who attended and for the evening out to follow afterwards. It was a great night.

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NZ International Film Festival

NZ International Film Festival

The NZ International Film Festival starts today at the Civic Theatre with a screening of The Lobster. A Yorgos Lanthimos film, probably best known for 2009's Dogtooth. The Lobster is set n a dystopian English future where single people must find a mate in 45 days or they get transformed into animals and released into the woods. 

The weird and wacky are sometimes the most surprising pieces of work to watch. 

Our pick for music lovers is Amy, the Amy Winehouse tribute.

There are too many others to choose from but some other worthy watches might be:

Being Evel, about the life of the legendary stuntman, Evel Knieval.

Ex Machina:  A psychological thriller exploring the AI meets Human arena.

Steve McQueen: The man and Le Mans.: All about the coolest man to have ever lived. Steve McQueen had a fascination with driving and this lead him to make the ill-fated film titled Le Mans.

Head along if you get the chance for a ticket. This is one of winter's never-fail entertainment activities.

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Front and Centre

Front and Centre

Just installed this beauftul new display for our made to measure cloth books in the Shortland Street Working Style.

There are very few places in New Zealand that will be able to give you a canvassed, hand made tailored suit but we are one of them. Ready-to-wear or made-to-measure.

Definitely worth a visit sometime soon to view the new books that are in store.

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The Bachelor

The Bachelor

For those of you interested in cute boys, a visit to Working Style is always in order but now we can lay claim one of the most eligible bachelors in the country.

Working Style's very own coveted Canuck, Erik Lehman, was voted Cleo Bachelor of the Year 2015. 

Well done to Erik, he's a top man. NZ couldn't have voted for a better guy.

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James Hunt

James Hunt

Launched in to a Formula 1 racing career, James Hunt has made a name for himself as a hot tempered, competitive and brash driver. Leading to many race wins as well as earning the nickname Shunt because of all of his accidents. 

He had a casual approach to everything in life unless it involved competition. On one of the lowest salaries in the Formula 1, he lived like a playboy and he lived fast doing what he loved.

After years of dodging accidents on the racetrack, Hunt passed away on this day in 1993 from a heart attack aged just 45 and will always be remembered as one of the most colourful characters of motorsport. 

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Free Shoes with Made-to-Measure suits*

Free Shoes with Made-to-Measure suits*

To kick off the start of winter, we've got a fitting proposal for everyone.

Buy any made-to-measure suit from us and receive a free pair of shoes*

*Shoes  to the value of $399. While shoe stock lasts. Deal ends 30/06/2015

Examples of shoes in the deal are below. Each shoe was handsomely crafted by hand in Spain, with 100% calf leather with welted leather sole. Fantastic quality, exceptionally durable, stylish and comfortable.

Seville Chocolate Brogue - FDP046 - $399
Buffed to perfection, Working Style's chocolate brogues add polish to your business ensemble. This style is timeless and versatile - a smart investment.

The word 'brogue' stems from broguing, which describes the ornamentation of shoes using perforations and pinking. Modern brogues trace their roots to a rustic Irish shoe that was constructed using untanned hide with perforations that allowed water to drain when crossing a bog.

Seville Brown Suede Brogue - FDP049 - $399
Working Style's chocolate suede brogues are the perfect 'smart casual' shoe for work or leisure. This style is timeless and versatile - a smart investment.

Toeldo Black Shoes FDP048 - $399
In a word, sleek. Made with a single piece of leather, these black lace-ups are made in Spain for Working Style. Once you've worn them a couple of times, you'll never want to take them off - the simple styling with closed lacing delivers slipper-like comfort

San Sebastian Black Toe Cap FDP047 -$399
These classic cap toe Oxfords in basic black are a wardrobe staple. The quality leather will soon conform to the individual contours of your feet, providing many months of comfortable standing and walking. Dancing too, if you're that way inclined. 

Padua Chocolate Sneakers FCWS159 - $399
This sneaker has snuck into the tailored wardrobe, proudly exhibiting the recontextualisation of sportswear. Crafted from butter-soft premium leather and made in Spain especially for Working Style, it makes perfect sense in the urban professional environment, especially for those who catch ferries, buses and trains to work.

Padua Chocolate Sneakers FCWS160 - $399

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