175th Auckland Anniversary

175th Auckland Anniversary

This Monday marks 175 years since the establishment of the Auckland region and we have just what we wanted, a long weekend. It looks like perfect weather for the whole country so if you aren't heading to the bach or away on holiday, there are a number of great events to entertain you in this heat.

If you didn't catch Australian brother-sister act Angus & Julia Stone's concert at the Civic theatre last year, head along and check them out as part of the lineup for Laneway Festival at Auckland's Silo Park this Monday.

The Seafood festival is on at Halsey wharf in the Wynyard Quarter for all of the foodies and if you're the betting type, get your best suit on for the NZ Bloodstock Karaka Million. It is on at Ellerslie Racecourse, racing only youngsters. The top qualified 14 yearlings from the 2014 Karaka yearling sales  will go head to head for a $1 million prize.

Salt dogs can head down to the water to also watch the 175th Ports of Auckland Anniversary Day sailing Regatta or sail across to Matiatia headland on Waiheke Island to view contemporary outdoor sculptures at the Sculpture on the Gulf exhibition.

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Habits of our stylish friends

Habits of our stylish friends

A career in men's fashion can teach you many things. You learn just as much about your loyal clients as they do from you.

The most stylish and best dressed individuals encountered over the decades at Working Style have unknowingly displayed many common traits to us, despite often having vastly different backgrounds, bodies, lifestyles and approaches to all things sartorial.

Here are a few of the habits that we've noticed first-hand from some of the best dressed men in the country. 

-They have always been aware of the trends at the moment, never afraid to experiment but always conscious of what will and will not work for them. Never a slave to fashion, they usually picked elements of certain trends and adapted them to suit rather than diving head first in to every trend.

-These men look after their clothing. Suits and jackets are always hung on a sturdy jacket hanger, never over the back of a chair. The most stylish men steam press their suits every month or so to maintain the integrity of the garment's shape - that is why it always looks so good on them. Shoes get polished regularly and re-soled periodically to protect them from the elements and stop them from wearing through. They use shoe trees at the end of the day to prolong the life of their shoes. Often these habits lead to shoes lasting for decades and suits or shirts needing to be replaced much less often.

-They did the harder thinking about combinations at the time of purchase in store so they didn't have to fuss when they then got ready the next morning. They often decide what to wear the evening before. All of this frees up their minds for more important decisions in the day.

-They knowingly dress to fit their build and their true current size. By taking in to account their bone structure, muscle, fat and height, they always ended up with a wardrobe that made them look effortlessly well dressed. Often their shirts, trousers, jackets, overcoats and suits are tailor made or at least adjusted with tailoring to fit their frame.  If they ever changed shape, they adapted their wardrobe accordingly. Rather than persisting with a tight shirt or baggy trousers, garments were either re-tailored for minor adjustments or replaced for more substantial size changes.

-There was always a rotating roster of staple items forming a foundation to their wardrobe. These stylish men were always on the look out for their next staple item whether it be a new leather jacket, white cotton shirt, brown lace up derby shoes, tan chinos, black oxford shoes, grey flannel suit, beige cotton jacket, navy wool blazer or other item. These were versatile wardrobe pieces to build the rest of their look from. From there they added new garments and accessories with ease because there was always a number of  existing neutral wardrobe items to wear with it.

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Online Appointments

Online Appointments

You can now book appointments online for fittings or consultations to do with tailor made suits, wedding loan suits or tailoring with the staff members that you have worked with before.

This also makes it easy to refer to your friends and family to contact the Working Style staff member that tailor made you that stunning wedding suit, cotton blazer or linen shirt.
1. Click the 'Stores' tab at the top of the web site.
2. Click the 'Book Appointment' button
3. Simply select the service you require, then the staff members and their availability is shown.
4. Select a time then enter your details and confirm.

Or just click on the 'Book Appointment' tab on our Facebook page and follow the prompts.

You can edit your appointment any time and, of course, you can still phone us or come in store to talk with us the old fashioned way. We like that.

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And the award goes to...

And the award goes to...

The red carpets are rolled out for the 2015 awards season. Dinner suits or tuxedos are the pinnacle of male dressing yet it is usually the subtle details that can take you from blending in to the background to standing out from the crowd.

Midnight blue suits were aplenty this year, with a few velvet pieces making appearances. Bow ties were the neckpiece of choice and patent leather shoes often strolled the carpet.

Our Top 5 best-suited men at the 2015 Golden Globes Awards:

1. Matt Bomer (pictured above) - Beautiful French blue, shawl lapel dinner suit. The best dinner suit of the evening because the colour and fit is simply impeccable. Bomer has the perfect sized blue bow tie to finish the look. Note how the width of the bow tie is in proportion to Bomer's eyes.

Eddie Redmayne - the British actor nails it with a dandy velvet jacket with trim. Hardly subtle, but the suit is styled well with a simple white dinner shirt and white pocket square so it isn't overbearing and tailored just right for a man of slim build.

Bradley Cooper - Our favourite classic black dinner suit of the evening.Cooper's broad shoulders suit a peak lapel nicely.

Benedict Cumberbatch - The deep blue dinner suit adds the subtlest point of different in an otherwise classic look.

Michael Keaton - Batman returns! Looking great in a midnight navy blue notch lapel dinner suit. Note the black suede shoes contrasting the lustre of the suit cloth.

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Birthday Bowie

Birthday Bowie

David Bowie is a universal Working Style staff favourite, not only can you hear his entire discography within our stores, there are original vinyl records and signed photographs delicately framed, displayed like precious artworks, around our offices, stores and homes. Pictured below is from inside our design room, there are too many records to capture in one photograph

Signed photograph in our Parnell store.

Bowie has influenced music and fashion throughout his life. A master at reinvention, he has been through more image phases than most chameleons. His perpetual personas mean everyone now conjures up different images from different eras. Some of our favourites have been the late 1960's Mod look which suited his rakish physique when he started his career, his Ziggy Stardust phase which epitomised Glam and the ThinWhite Duke era in the mid 1970's where Bowie changed to a dandy monochromatic tailored suit look.

In 1983, David Bowie attracted the largest crowd ever for a New Zealand concert, 74,480 attended at Western Springs, the size of which will likely never occur in the future due to modern health and safety regulations.

His 2013 album The Next Day reached number 1 in 18 countries and number 2 in 8 more. He's still got it.

So, happy 68th birthday to the Thin White Duke. One of the most influential and respected musicians of all time.

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What to Wear to the Tennis

What to Wear to the Tennis

The month of January brings two terrific tennis tournaments to Auckland, the ASB Classic and the Heineken Open.
Look the part in your best tennis-casual and come along. 

Here's our list of tips for what to wear to the 2015 NZ Fesitval of Tennis:

1. Take a jacket, it should be a light construction, unlined linen or cotton blend cloth in a shade of beige or washed blue. These cloths in an unlined jacket will breathe exceptionally well, they will take you through to the evening and any after-match functions but stay comfortable and take it off if it is too warm during the day.

2.  Put on a tailored casual shirt or polo shirt, which can also be worn under a jacket.


3. Slim cotton trousers in washed blue, beige or even a shade of white.


4. A classic pair of sunglasses to keep the summer sun at bay. Wayfarers or Aviators would be best.


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Dress for New Year's Eve

Dress for New Year's Eve

Some short and sweet suggestions on how to stay sartorial this summer

Pair softly constructed separates together to create smart casual outfits. Mix and match according to the formality of the occasion.
Successful dressing during this summer social season is about clothes that can take you from an afternoon lunch to impromptu late night out.

Use of cottons and linens in jacketing, shirting and trousers are an absolute must. They're tidy but still relaxed, cool and comfortable to wear in the warmth.

Our 4 Must-Haves
-Bright blue, linen blend, soft construction blazer
-Monk Strap shoes to be worn with fine cotton, ankle or no socks at all
-A light pair of cotton trousers in washed blue, washed red or a shade of white.
-The perfect pair of wayfarer or aviator style sunglasses. 

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How to shave (properly)

How to shave (properly)

Eliminate post-shave marks, grazes and in-growns with these 7 tips.
We showed you how to groom the perfect beard so now for the perfect shave.

1) First up, soften your beard by having a hot shower first. This will hydrate and soften the hairs enough to reduce irritation.

2) It's easiest to handle short hairs so clipper your imitation Saint Nicholas to a shorter, more manageable length first. The goal is gradual reduction, not total destruction in one go.

3) Use a high quality cream, nothing in a cheap aerosol can is ever good. A small dob of sandalwood scented traditional shaving cream smells sublime and goes a long way when used with a shaving brush.

4) Wet your shaving brush and work a small amount of shaving cream in to a lather. Brush over your face in a swirling motion then finally go against the grain of your whiskers.
This further hydrates your beard and lifts any stray soldiers up and in to rank with the rest of your stubble. Your razor can now do its job more efficiently.

5) A sharp, heavy razor is key. Something like a traditional safety razor or a heavy-handled modern adaption has some significant mass, the weight is enough to do the shaving without having to apply much pressure at all.
If you are applying pressure, its likely you could remove skin. Nobody wants that.

6) Shave with the grain first and against the grain never. Shaving against the grain will get you a smooth face but it will give you ingrown hairs. Nobody wants that either.
Shave in short strokes, clean your blade with each stroke. Map out the grain before you start so you can get a lay of the land. Gently go across the grain rather than against it if you must it a hard to reach area.

7) Rinse off with cold water so to close your pores, dry your face then apply a gentle aftershave balm to prevent irritation.

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How to make a Martini

How to make a Martini

A real Martini is made with a healthy splash of gin and vermouth so here is a recipe to remember.

Learn this recipe, memorize it and become one with it for it will gain you many friends and followers.


2oz dry Gin (such as Henrick's or Kensington)
1oz dry Vermouth (suggest Noilly Prat)
Ice. lots of it.
Green olives or lemon rind to garnish

Step 1: Chill your glassware in the freezer.
Step 2: Half fill a shaker with ice then pour in your gin and vermouth, stir or shake vigorously. Strain the liquid in to a chilled glass.
Step 3: Garnish with olives or a twist of lemon. Run the lemon slice around the glasses rim if using a twist of lemon. 

If you are a delicate soul, pour the vermouth in to your glass first, swirl it around and tip it out so you only have the residual taste on the stemware.


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A nod to the past

A nod to the past

Mercedes-Benz have always made beautiful performance cars. It is a testament to great design that features from yesteryear can be incorporated and adapted in to modern engineering.

The 300SL's signature gull-wing is iconic of the 1950's and early 60's yet remains on its modern successor, the 2014 SLS AMG.

It's always nice to see a nod to the past in fashion and design, it's an approach we can all identify with.

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