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Great to see Amber, one of Working Style's staff alumni, get on the cover of the latest NZ Weddings magazine.

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Whisky in Wellington for the Welsh

To celebrate the upcoming NZ vs Wales rugby match in Wellington, last night we played host at our Wellington store for a mixture of our customers as well as those of Mercedes-Benz Wellington for an evening of whisky and yarns from the great man, Christian Cullen.

Guests were treated to a range of Scotch whiskies as well as a sneaky Rogue Society Gin with East Imperial's Burma tonic to match.

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Caring For Your Suit

Your Working Style suit has been made for you by highly skilled and somewhat obsessive tailors. The cloth you selected was woven at one of Europe's finest fabric mills from the best natural fibres available. The pattern of your suit was adjusted to your body shape by the master tailor, placed on the fabric and to ensure it drapes correctly, and that any stripes and checks match. Essential elements to the overall fit and line of the suit, such as the neckline and armholes, were sewn by hand. After the final hand detailing, your suit was expertly hand pressed on both the inside and outside to set its shape permanently. The master tailor made his final fastidious checks and your suit was left to settle for a short time to allow its natural fibres to assume the proper shape. Others might say our quality standards are unnecessarily high. But they don't look as sharp as you in your new suit.

tip 1 - give respect, get faithful service

This garment has been well made from the best materials with utmost pride. Treat your suit with respect and it will repay you with years of dutiful service. Your suit will not respond well to being worn each day. If you want to wear a suit every day and stay sharp, invest in at least three good suits and employ a reconditioning and rotation policy. By resting each of your suits for at least 24 hours between wearing, you will extend the life of them all. Resting allows the creases to drop out and the fabric to recover. If your suit needs freshening after being in a smoky environment, hang outside in a shaded area. The flow of fresh air will naturally remove all traces of unpleasant

tip 2 - moderation in all things - especially dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a necessary evil for any well-made garment. Dry cleaning chemicals are harsh on natural fibres and make them brittle, making overly dry-cleaned garments shiny and lifeless, just like cheap whisky did to your uncle's nose. Only dry clean your suit when it is soiled and try to keep it under two or three times a year. If your suit becomes hopelessly wrinkled but it isn't soiled, take it to the dry cleaner and ask for a press only. Always use the very best dry cleaner you can find. To find the best on your patch, ask your Working Style tailor or another top-end clothing retailer. A bad dry-cleaner will ruin your clothes. Bad dry cleaners use excessive heat, poor quality chemicals and excess moisture. One hour and one day cleaning services have a particularly bad reputation for butchering beautiful clothing.

tip 3 - brushing up

Dust can act as an abrasive and may accelerate the deterioration of the fabric. We suggest that you use a good natural bristle clothes brush to remove any dust: a stiff brush for worsted or fine suit fabrics, a softer one for woollens and more delicate fabrics. Use long sweeping movements or short flicks, always in the same direction. Never use a circular or scrubbing motion.

tip 4 - don't touch your stains

If you stain your suit, resist the temptation to clean it yourself - in most cases you'll simply spread the stain and entrench it in the fabric. Stained garments should be taken to your dry cleaner as soon as possible with emergency haste. Give your cleaner as much information as you can about the stain: the more the cleaner knows about the stain, the swifter and more efficient the removal. Be warned - some stains which appear invisible (such as white wine) may become more obvious after cleaning.

tip 5 - beating wrinkles

When your suit becomes wrinkled, and it inevitably will, resist the hot iron. Ironing is not good for tailored clothing. Frequent ironing will make a suit look shiny, lifeless and worn out – just like the poor sap wearing it. If the iron is too hot the fabric will be weakened and the shape of the garment irreparably altered. If you decide to iron your garment at home, use a damp cloth between the iron and the garment, as a gentle steam press is far better than a hot iron. Your first attempt to beat wrinkles should always be to hang your suit or a few hours in a steamy bathroom and let the heat, gentle moistness and gravity encourage the fabric to restore its natural crispness. If your wrinkles are beyond all forms of home help, take a "press only" trip to the dry cleaners. To avoid wrinkles for as long as possible steer clear of corporate life, self-employment, marriage and fatherhood.

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Fashion for a Cure Auckland

We're showcasing our latest collection as part of an effort to raise funds for Breast Cancer Cure whilst being part of an entertaining evening for all.

Date: Thursday 19 May.
Venue: Wolf of Water Street,

Buy tickets here

Working Style are pleased to support Breast Cancer Cure.

The not-for-profit organisation raises funds that go directly towards only the most promising scientific research and clinical studies that have found breakthroughs in treatment or steps toward a cure for breast cancer before 2018 - an important distinction. Backing winning research is a sure-fire way to slipstream the process to finding a cure

Learn more about BCC below.

Event schedule for 2016




WELLINGTON– 26 OCT (Tentative Date)


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Tiff & Pete's Wedding

Tiff & Pete's Wedding

We had the pleasure of dressing Pete and his crew of groomsmen for his wedding to the lovely Tiffiney. They kindly shared their photos of the big day with us and told us some of their story.

WS - How did you two meet?
T - "We first met when we were 18 and Peter was a bit of a punk rocker. Fast forward three years on from the studded belts and long hair and when we met again sparks flew! 8 years, a house and a dog later the girl who was never going to get married said yes. Peter whisked me away on a romantic picnic and promised me chocolate from his pocket for dessert but instead produced a stunning black diamond art deco style ring he had designed. How can a girl say no to that?"

WS- Tell us some wisdom you would give to someone styling their wedding

T -"If I had one bit of advice it would be to stay true to your personal style and inject things that reflect who you are as a couple. So many weddings take the casual approach and we wanted to embrace the formality of the occasion! For us the style of the wedding and attire was super important. In a world saturated with Pinterest images we wanted a wedding worthy of Pinterest but uniquely us and bucking the typical wedding stereotype. It's all about injecting your personal style and not being governed by wedding traditions."

WS - So how'd you personalise your wedding?

T-"Peter and my father spent weeks woodturning personalised pens as wedding favours and made them from the apple tree of our first home. We aren't dancers by any stretch so decided to have a "Tiff & Pete" trivia night MC'ed by our best man. Trivia nights played a big part of our dating years and our guests absolutely loved it and it ended up getting a bit competitive and raucous!"

WS - Pete looks sublime in his Working Style suit, you bucked convention and selected something bold to stand out from the groomsmen, why?

T- "Peter certainly didn't have any traces of his punk roots in his bespoke suit. It was important to us that his suit was just as memorable as my dress.! Between this and his poignant speech which bought the entire room to tears I was told most of the female guests fell in love!"

WS - And where did you have the wedding?

T- "The quest for a classy venue led us down to the stunning Ataahua Garden Venue in Tauranga for a weekend destination wedding. It was amazing having all our friends and family present not just a day but a weekend of celebration."

Photographer - Kate Wark
Dress - Sottero & Midgley from Abbey Bridal Sydney

Venue - Ataahua Garden Venue Tauranga

Bridesmaid Dresses - Natalie Chan

Groom's Suit - Working Style - Made to Measure

Groomsmen - Working Style

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Premium Spanish Footwear

On your behalf, we are on a continuous search. We explore the techniques of the best craftspeople in the world and seek out the highest quality heritage cloth mills and leather producers to create world-class goods to bring back to you in New Zealand.

Chris Dobbs recently travelled to Spain to speak with the master cobblers who create our beautiful shoes. We filmed this short clip showing some of the techniques and processes in our footwear collection.

New footwear is in store now, complimentary accessories are included until May 8. View the range here 

Thanks to Augusto for the footage.

<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Autumn/Winter Launch Party

Watch this short clip from our AW16 Collection launch party. Thanks to everybody who attended and made this such a great night.

Working Style in association with ASB Bank and Mercedes-Benz New Zealand held our AW16 Collection launch party and fashion show at the stunning St Matthew in the City church.

Guests were treated to Champagne LansonPenfolds shiraz, Matua sauvignon blanc and Moa beer and dined on delicious fresh Bluff oysters from Al Brown and his team from Depot.

Our friends at Samsung NZCathay Pacific AirwaysRicoh New Zealand Limited, Moa Brewery and Treasury Wine Estate all helped make this happen with their support. As well as the expert events team at J&A Productions for their huge effort pulling everything together for the party.


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Gabriel Macht meet and greet

Here's a short video from last Friday's meet and greet withSuitsstar Gabriel Macht in store at Working Style. Can't wait for season 6 out later this year onLightbox

Gabriel and host Tim Lambourne both wearing Working Style suits

<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Runway A/W16

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Black Tie AW16

Black tie dress code is the standard for formal wear, the mainstay for awards ceremonies, ballrooms and formal evening parties. Typically the most formal attire you'll ever need to have in your wardrobe. Black tie requires a dinner suit, potentially with an evening waistcoat, a dinner shirt, bow tie and plain-toe black patent shoes, also known as ‘ceremonial’ shoes.

Blue Grosgrain Dinner Suit - $1490 // Black Shawl lapel Dinner Suit - $1490 // Black Grosgrain Dinner Suit - $1490

Pleat Front Dinner Shirt - $299 // Marcella Dinner Shirt - $249 // White Stretch Cotton French Cuff Shirt - $249


·Consider a velvet dinner jacket with silk lapel and complementary trousers. It’s smoking jacket cool.

·Select a peak or shawl lapel. Choose the peak if you want to look more athletic – it accentuates the shoulders.

·A midnight blue jacket is a way to twist the tuxedo rules for extra cut-through.

·Your dinner shirt should always have a turn-down collar, never a wing collar.

·Tying a bow tie is no more difficult than tying your shoelaces. We’ll show you how.

Midnight Polka Dot Bow Tie - $129 // Stirling Silver Cufflinks - $199 // Black Grosgrain Bow Tie - $129 

Woven Houndstooth Tie $129 // Black Silk Tie - $129 // Houndstooth Knitted Silk Tie - $129


The chance of ruining an outfit with clumpy, square-toed shoes is high. A keen eye and beautiful women notice these things. Opt for a sleek, highly-polished black pair for some optical kick in the night's dim lights.

Patent Leather Ceremonial Shoes - $599 // Mercury Black Shoes $599 // Bowie Black Leather Toe Cap - $599


If you can't make the change to black tie after work, do your darndest to dress one of these puppies up. Make sure it's a step up from your usual look and put your slickest accessories together or you'll look under-dressed. Try 'Black on Black' with a black shirt underneath for a sophisticated evening look.

Plain Black Suit - $990 // Black Pin Dot Suit - $1290 // Plain Black Twill Suit - $1290

Add some pattern or colour...or both to your outfit. Ours are made by hand in Italy from the finest silks and cottons..

Black/White Dot Pocket Square - $89 // Silver Paisley Pocket Square $89 // Black Geometric Squares Pocket Square $89

We have a handy range of suits to loan out for black tie occasions that spring up on you. Able to be hired for $279ea

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