The Bachelor

The Bachelor

For those of you interested in cute boys, a visit to Working Style is always in order but now we can lay claim one of the most eligible bachelors in the country.

Working Style's very own coveted Canuck, Erik Lehman, was voted Cleo Bachelor of the Year 2015. 

Well done to Erik, he's a top man. NZ couldn't have voted for a better guy.

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James Hunt

James Hunt

Launched in to a Formula 1 racing career, James Hunt has made a name for himself as a hot tempered, competitive and brash driver. Leading to many race wins as well as earning the nickname Shunt because of all of his accidents. 

He had a casual approach to everything in life unless it involved competiting. On one of the lowest salaries in the Formula 1, he lived like a playboy and he lived fast doing what he loved.

After years of dodging accidents on the racetrack, Hunt passed away on this day in 1993 from a heart attack aged just 45 and will always be remembered as one of the most colourful characters of motorsport. 

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Free Shoes with Made-to-Measure suits*

Free Shoes with Made-to-Measure suits*

To kick off the start of winter, we've got a fitting proposal for everyone.

Buy any made-to-measure suit from us and receive a free pair of shoes*

*Shoes  to the value of $399. While shoe stock lasts. Deal ends 30/06/2015

Examples of shoes in the deal are below. Each shoe was handsomely crafted by hand in Spain, with 100% calf leather with welted leather sole. Fantastic quality, exceptionally durable, stylish and comfortable.

Seville Chocolate Brogue - FDP046 - $399
Buffed to perfection, Working Style's chocolate brogues add polish to your business ensemble. This style is timeless and versatile - a smart investment.

The word 'brogue' stems from broguing, which describes the ornamentation of shoes using perforations and pinking. Modern brogues trace their roots to a rustic Irish shoe that was constructed using untanned hide with perforations that allowed water to drain when crossing a bog.

Seville Brown Suede Brogue - FDP049 - $399
Working Style's chocolate suede brogues are the perfect 'smart casual' shoe for work or leisure. This style is timeless and versatile - a smart investment.

Toeldo Black Shoes FDP048 - $399
In a word, sleek. Made with a single piece of leather, these black lace-ups are made in Spain for Working Style. Once you've worn them a couple of times, you'll never want to take them off - the simple styling with closed lacing delivers slipper-like comfort

San Sebastian Black Toe Cap FDP047 -$399
These classic cap toe Oxfords in basic black are a wardrobe staple. The quality leather will soon conform to the individual contours of your feet, providing many months of comfortable standing and walking. Dancing too, if you're that way inclined. 

Padua Chocolate Sneakers FCWS159 - $399
This sneaker has snuck into the tailored wardrobe, proudly exhibiting the recontextualisation of sportswear. Crafted from butter-soft premium leather and made in Spain especially for Working Style, it makes perfect sense in the urban professional environment, especially for those who catch ferries, buses and trains to work.

Padua Chocolate Sneakers FCWS160 - $399

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Milanese button holes

Milanese button holes

How can you make a statement with your outfit without wearing clothing that is louder than you are? The devil is in the detail.

Understated, elegant features within your look certainly set you apart from the crowd and catch the eye in the best possible way. Initially, all but the most detail-oriented people might not be able to put their finger on why you look so dapper. It's good to keep people guessing.

We can offer a simple, sexy addition to your next tailor made suit - a Milanese Button hole.

Be careful when you type that term in to Google whilst using the office WiFi, a small habitual typo could spell the end to your internet privileges.

A beauty mark on a the face of a true hand made garment and the ultimate in subtle style, the Milanese button hole is vastly more aesthetically appealing than the common hand-finished button hole.  The esoteric technique takes an experienced tailor approximately an hour to complete each hole. Whilst not particularly technical, it is time-consuming and is practiced by relatively few. 

Due to the labour-intensive practice having a serious expertise scarcity, the Milanese button hole appears on very few garments. This is exactly why you should get one. 

Only available at our Shortland Street branch on selected made-to-measure garments, $POA.

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Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith

Everyone's favourite All Black, Conrad Smith kindly donated his shirt to a worthy cause, his biggest fan's wardrobe.

Rex's last reported sighting was on his journey home from work, miming dummy passes and stepping pedestrians down Lambton Quay with a grin on his face..

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Queen's Birthday Hours

Queen's Birthday Hours

The best and most peaceful time to shop is when everyone else leaves town.

If you aren't heading away, make sure you visit us to take advantage of your extra day off work to get your new winter kit sorted.

For Queen's Birthday weekend, we're opening with reduced hours: Monday 10am-4pm.

Picture from the 1953 royal performance at Auckland's St James Theatre.

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Value for money can sometimes be a difficult concept to portray. When paying a premium, expect to get a better fit, nicer materials and a superior construction which will lead to more wears and a longer lifespan if you're maintaining your goods.

We tailor some of the best quality garments in the world and it's always satisfying when we see your Working Style product lasting well beyond your initial expectations. It means you've got more value out of your purchase and this is only a good thing.

It is not uncommon for our clientele to mention they still have a jacket or a pair of shoes purchased from us a decade ago but on Saturday night we were sent a sneaky photo of a 20 year old Working Style liquor flask (we were assured this only contained medicine to sooth a winter cold)

Cheers to longevity.

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Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milano 2015

Our Design team are heading to Europe to source fabric for next year's collections. On their stop will be Milan and fortuitously they can be amongst the first to see World Expo 2015 which has started this week and will be running until October.

This year's theme is 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for life'. Various nations exhibit ways to relate food and diet with creativity, 
technology, culture and innovation with the goal of showcasing core competencies and solutions to future consumption problems in relation to food

The expo occupies over a square kilometer and is the start of a conversion from one of Milan's industrial areas in to public and private spaces for offices and residential living. As well as having a practical purpose, the expo's highlights are often the pavillions or architectural design present throughout the zone.

If you're not fortunate enough to be heading to Italy this year, and have an interest in architecture,  here are a just a few of the dozens of pavilions. It's definitely worth a look online.

See more at

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Man Buns

Man Buns

Our follicly challenged brothers amongst us sometimes seem to have the easier route when deciding on a hair style. The streamlined silhouette not only makes sense when cutting through the water at the swimming pool, but forces avoidance of the fads and fashions of the time for better or for worse.

Men's hairstyles or fashion never receive the same scrutiny that women endure. Not since the Beckham-inspired fauxhawk graced barbers and salons, has a hair style proved as trendy or polarising as the comically-named 'Man Bun'. Also known as the Top Knot  (not to be confused with the New Zealand topknot).

Men putting their hair in buns is not an entirely new style, in fact cultures world-wide have bunned their flowing locks for centuries. Japanese men had a type of bun variant called a Chonmage, a look often associated with Sumo wrestlers and Samurai respectively. Sikh men frequently have their hair in a bun beneath turbans. Even Buddha is depicted as having his hair in a proud bun. Right here in New Zealand, we've bunned our hair since well before European arrival. Many of the meanings or affiliations behind the regional and stylistic variations of Maori bunned hair styles have been lost, but it is suggested that they were often worn by an individual of high status.

But we are talking about the new wave man bun, with the hairstyle's roots in the late 2000's. Man bun mania started with, you guessed it, Mr Beckham sporting a bun on field. Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom both bunned up for each of their weddings. Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper and 40% of One Direction have cooked up a bun hairstyle at some point. The on-street influence is all around you at any university campus, cafe, music fesitval, sidewalk, beach or gym.

Scientists theorised that the world has reached 'peak beard' last year. So we ask, have we reached peak Bun?

The prevalence of the hair style has caused a polarised division. One group of South African men filmed a video of themselves sneakily cutting buns straight off unsuspecting men on the street. Men, and women, obviously still love it otherwise we wouldn't see it anywhere.

Do you love a man bun?  Is this man bun thing just an over-baked fad? Or simply, is beauty in the eye of the bunholder? 

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American Psycho

American Psycho

15 Years ago this month, American Psycho was released on film starring Christian Bale as protagonist, and secret serial killer, Patrick Bateman.
Written by Bret Easton Ellis, the story was published in 1991 and is infamous for mixing comedy along with being a pychological thriller.

The story is a brilliant snapshot in to the 1980's "yuppie" culture within wealthy young Manhattan investment bankers. Highlighting the materialism, vanity and narcissim of the period. We bet you haven't heard the word yuppie in a while.

One of the best 'suit' movies ever made, American Psycho has some killer costumes throughout and is one to watch for old times sake. 

Here is an iconic scene, one of our favourites.

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