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Online Appointments

Online Appointments

You can now book appointments online for fittings or consultations to do with tailor made suits, wedding loan suits or tailoring with the staff members that you have worked with before.

This also makes it easy to refer to your friends and family to contact the Working Style staff member that tailor made you that stunning wedding suit, cotton blazer or linen shirt.
1. Click the 'Stores' tab at the top of the web site.
2. Click the 'Book Appointment' button
3. Simply select the service you require, then the staff members and their availability is shown.
4. Select a time then enter your details and confirm.

Or just click on the 'Book Appointment' tab on our Facebook page and follow the prompts.

You can edit your appointment any time and, of course, you can still phone us or come in store to talk with us the old fashioned way. We like that.

Try it out with the button below and book your next fitting with us.

Book an appointment with Working Style using SetMore

This entry was posted in on Jan, 15 2015